Insulin Resistance ALA THE TRUTH ABOUT sugar

Insulin resistance ALA +

Sugar, will not have the energy to get out of bed in the morning.
The truth is that the body needs sugar to function. But the truth is that a lot of The wrong type of sugar make you fat. Sugar increases fat in the abdomen, and Is bad for you in many ways a little bit is actually quite scary.
Insulin is a hormone, its function is (mainly) to regulate the amount of Glucose (sugar) in the body. Insulin levels rise naturally when eaten, since Hormone will work to regulate glucose levels increased. Insulin helps your The body process sugar, which is an important process to give sugar Energy.

When to not enough insulin is produced in the body, it is known as diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2 occurs in 90 percent of all cases of diabetes, the most common It affects the patients in the latter half of his life.
This is a bad thing, because a lot of the things that is actually eat sugar. Carbohydrates It is converted to glucose in the body, and it becomes energy. Pastries and sweets Both are able to give a real boost of energy, but not necessarily One healthy.

Insulin, sugar and other things in your body Resistance to insulin and sugar levels rise There is still much to learn about insulin resistance. This is a condition that causes The body to produce a lot of insulin (diabetes is when the body produces Too little insulin). As a result, people who suffer from insulin resistance with low Blood sugar after meals. Frequent mutations in the insulin and sugar in the blood can Which leads to type 2 diabetes disease, according to the Alliance for diabetics.

Lack of exercise can be worse insulin resistance, and fat can hurt
How your muscles use insulin. However, it can be dealt with insulin resistance With changes in diet and exercise. Avoid processed foods and sugar-rich grains are very, Beverages and foods that contain sodium soft. Instead, eat a balanced diet of lean meats, dairy products, Grains, fruits and vegetables. The same advice for people with diabetes and Anyone who wants to eat healthy.

Healthy eating habits lead to healthy insulin levels, which gives
An appropriate amount of healthy energy.

Are you addicted to sugar TOO?
“I’m trying to stop this addiction to sugar. I love sweets. I need something . VN sweet after every meal “by Lynette looks like many of us – who loves Desserts.

“The sugar is addictive like alcohol or cigarettes for some people,” agrees VN Member perlesrose. “It is the desire of some people.”
“I also have the same addiction, but I stopped fighting it. I have a small … Piece of cake or a bar of chocolate for dessert every night. “VN Members Madeline77 I found a solution to his addiction to sugar: balance. Chose to modify your diet In other respects, and choose healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice and sweet potatoes. A lot Fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet. “To satisfy my cravings for sugar Today, eat one or two pieces of hard candy. It is not good for the teeth, but it’s hard A long time and the piece has about 15 calories. ”

Flour, sugar, and other things that you should not put in your body
“I can not believe the difference in my health.” The VN commentator dianeperazzo He shared his story incredible after the elimination of refined sugar and white flour From your diet.
“I was sleeping more deeply, you do not have the highs and lows of sugar so My energy throughout the day is more consistent, my skin and hair look healthier, My weight has been reduced by about half a pound a week. ” THE TRUTH ABOUT sugar
Robert Lustig began to earn the following to its philosophy with respect to sugar. An expert in childhood obesity, Lustig is an endocrinologist and professor University of California at San Francisco. You may recognize it as the latest viral Feeling his lectures, which blames the obesity epidemic on “high fructose
Corn syrup and sucrose. ”

Fat substitutes in foods. The fat has become undesirable embraced the world Lowcal Food, but something was to replace the flavor. Sugar became the go to option Over the past 30 years, obesity has increased dramatically. Stig feel strongly about the dangers of sugar, in fact, he calls for the development of A ban on it – or certain restrictions, such as those imposed on alcohol and died. his
Reflections on this subject, even The New York Times led to ask if the sugar is toxic.

A little sugar in coffee in the morning. That sweet snack about two o’clock in the afternoon.
The delicious evening after dinner. Daily consumption of sugar is a way to add Quickly, and you may not realize how much power you have the desire even In an attempt to regulate the sugar you eat. Excess sugar causes hormonal imbalance, Mental confusion, a sense of fatigue and, of course, weight gain.
A healthy alternative to sugar substitutes such as fruit juices. It does not have to Give up sugar completely. In moderation, and this is perfectly fine. just thinking The amount of sugar and flour to eat, and try to replace them healthy choices. You’ll look better and feel better as a result, because the truth on refined sugar It is very, very bad for you.

NO rid of fat
Just go wheat-free Remove the fat from your diet removes its feeding material The body, and it can have negative effects on the body. Instead of getting rid of Fat in your diet, go to lose more fat in your body is free from wheat. The elimination of wheat seems complex because it is. But once you’re done, you may notice
Some changes are very welcome. VN member and commentator Jana He was free of wheat for 15 years.

“I began my problems with wheat before the whole issue of wheat / gluten was public Knowledge. Sensitivity … I did not try I just can not eat. “It had to be subject to Tests to find out why they have a headache, bloating, and lacks Power down.

“It was like an alcoholic,” he says out of the wheat. Now chose
Gluten-free alternatives. “Even I can eat pasta and sandwiches again.”

It suggests gluten out for several days. “Then you have a favorite gluten Downloaded and food in about 30 minutes take an honest assessment of how Feeling and if you have already made a mad rush to the bathroom. ” “I’m not gluten / wheat allergy, but found he was not eating well and Lose weight in this process, especially in the abdominal area, “says VN member Susan zanne.

Life free of wheat
Speaking of fat in the abdomen …
Many women have noticed a decrease in abdominal fat when trimmed on wheat. VN Caroline and commentator member noticed a significant change when it broke Wheat from your diet.
“It was caused by some of the symptoms of menopause actually my wheat,” she says. Caroline abdomen wheat book reports for those who wish to learn more about Lose fat in the abdomen.
“There is a quality of addiction to gluten that keeps you wanting more. Fortunately, Not a lot of time on the need to overcome this desire, “says January by VN Hamrick.
A diet without gluten Wheat gluten-free products also, but to follow a gluten-free diet excluded More than wheat from his body. Also gluten in barley and rye. people Who have celiac disease can not eat gluten in any way, shape or form without Experience pain.
Many foods are naturally wheat and gluten. Even if you do not eat
Wheat, you can still enjoy seeds, nuts, beans, eggs, meat, fruits and vegetables And many dairy products. Replace the necessary grain cornmeal, flax, Rice, flour, rice and soybeans.
The hardest part for the elimination of wheat gluten from your diet is to find What are really foods. Read the labels carefully, and be aware that a lot of The foods you eat can be very rich in wheat. You will find it in the cereal and cakes, Chips, salsa, pasta and cold meats, salad dressings, seafood tradition, sauces (Including soy sauce), rice mixes, and tortilla chips and many soups. Search for items Labeled wheat free or gluten-free.

Diet for all does not work as a weight loss system. Huffington
The other believes that many of the gluten-free products contain fewer nutrients and fiber. Even some people who switch to a gluten-free diet may gain weight. If you have The elimination of wheat or gluten, must be complemented with healthy fiber and
Continue to give your body the nutrients it needs.

The evils of wheat
Wheat cause the natural insulin response in the body that cause abdominal fat Increase storage. Apart from celiac disease, wheat and can create IBS Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer of the digestive and other physical problems.

Eat a lot of wheat can make you feel bloated, experience fatigue or suffering With physical pain. You can also make flatulence and do
The whole body uncomfortable. The elimination of wheat can not remove all of his Problems, but they can improve their health. If you can not completely eliminate Wheat, trying hard to reduce. Do more alternatives to wheat, And focus on a diet rich in lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Do not dispose of fat in your diet as you need it. Your body to burn fat, so Give a little to keep a sense of vitality. Between 20 and 30 percent of Should your diet is made up of fat. Get fat from healthy sources, such as Dairy and meat products, foods rich cut wheat products that are really A danger to your body.

A CARB addiction
Carbohydrate addiction is a common problem of power, one of the most difficult to defeat.

Your body craves carbohydrates for many reasons, and highly invasive foods Among the easiest to buy pre-packaged options, ready to eat. overcome Carbohydrate addiction and find out what to eat rather than maintaining Healthy weight.

You may also experience it, you are addicted to carbohydrates
“I love,” says a member of VN Jender carbohydrates. Do not we all? “I Simply can not eat pasta, bread, bread, popcorn, because I can not stop. never They have at home. “Instead, it becomes frozen yogurt, frozen vegetables To stop food cravings.
“It’s like an addiction,” he says petunia member of VN. “You have to go through Pain of withdrawal and cravings know that disappear with the passage of time. ”

Are you addicted to carbohydrates?
Carbohydrates are converted to sugar or glucose in the body. It creates energy, and Cause release of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical to feel good It makes you Wahab

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How to get rid of belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat
(Or less Pudge MENOPOT)

If your pants and skirts feel a little bit more, which may be due only to increase the abdomen Fats. It is very common for waist thicken with age as well. It is because the increase Hormones, VN prominent commentator says Jane Trail. “The easiest way to start reducing waist circumference to get the hormone cortisol Under control, “he advised. According to Jane, who was” fun and easy “to do so. “Increasing sleep,” he says. They are also advised to “self-service” every week. Exercise, meditation and get inspiration iCure – to do something It makes you feel good and relieves stress. That alone It can reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol, and the amount of Fat is stored around the waist.

“There are many vital changes course You can actually make you gain weight. Estrogen Imbalances and changes in thyroid function,
Changes in insulin levels, and even lifestyle the changes. All of these factors cause An increase in body fat, “says a member of the VN 360 menopause.

That nasty Not only menopudge Unattractive, and it can be dangerous. Abdominal fat, especially fat Deposited in the belly of our depth, we can be Increase our risk of heart disease
And type 2 Diabetes.

How can you deny that excess fat? “Working in the heart of change,” she says Becky coach. It proposes heart heavy workouts with rest periods, along with weight lifting. Mean increase muscle increase fat burning power block. Good healthy exercise for the heart and this is a good thing for women after menopause for interruption Natural ease tension properties. Exercise can reduce the reality The severity of hot flashes, so it’s good for you on several fronts. Cardio exercise, That force you to release a lot of heat, is one of the best ways to overcome the hot flashes. BELLY FAT ATTACK with exercise Try more intelligent diet VN expert Holly Thacker, MD discovered that many women are confused when Menopause comes to weight loss, “No wonder. There are a number of misconceptions Outside, on the “foods that heal,” she says. Where my waist go?

“We hear mixed messages,” explains Dr. Thacker. “everywhere,
Experts self-proclaimed look out on what you should eat vitality women Eat and why. ” When it comes to weight gain during menopause, “simple facts” as I say. “We have a metabolism slows down as we age.” She says many women to win 10-15 pounds in middle age. “The only way to combat weight gain is to reduce
Calories and exercise a boost. “Dr. Thacker words in an echo of many Parrot experts and they are all similar rule for weight loss. But, as you say, it takes a “more Work “for women after menopause to keep the weight off. Your diet plan? Lean protein and calcium-rich foods and various vegetables and whole
Grain. “Avoid fad diets,” she advises. Get “a lot of fruits and vegetables, with Bread and other cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts and seeds … any healthy diet It reduces calories and any exercise regime … will help reduce this feared Weight gain in the abdominal area. ” “Increasing the amount of soybeans, and” is suggested by VN Ellen Ambrose. Add more Fish to your diet. “Studies show that people in the middle-aged who ate omega-3 Fat on a regular basis scored higher in memory tests. “It’s also low in fat Protein that is best for you. Get rid of the fat in the abdominal area “The elimination of refined carbohydrates,” user VN blog says Lisa tend circle. “they are The main reason for this swelling in the abdomen and water retention, which makes you look and Feel fat. “Avoid flour and refined carbohydrates in favor of protein and lots of fruits And vegetables. You should also avoid alcohol, says Lisa. “Liver can not make work your burning Alcohol fat reacts when it is busy. “In fact, an attempt to reduce a large amount of sugar from
Your diet as possible. Sugar becomes alcohol in your system, otherwise sugar It leads to fat. “Weight loss is slower but steady means a greater chance of keeping If permanently “, he advised.
Member empowerchicks VN offers some tips to cut sugar from your phone Diet. “I myself soda library for the first time,” he wrote. “Try to use Stevia powder” as Sugar substitute, he adds.
What to eat instead Spice up foods low in fat with a few tricks VN blog user sexy circle More than sixty years. “Eating fruits and vegetables that contain soluble fiber, the kind Fiber keeps you feeling full, “she says. This reduces the bloated look From his stomach. “Add the lemon juice to vegetables … and replace salt with delicious Herbs to flavor your veggies. ”
Try foods that burn belly fat. Nuts, olive oil and seeds contain monounsaturated Fat, a healthier you afraid of saturated fat. Avocado, Whole grains and green tea may be a natural fat burner.
Changing your diet and exercise routine you have to change your hormonal balance, This will burn fat increase in the abdomen. Menopudge problem that many vital Women must face, but with a good battle that can beat him. Components that can be
Work against you You make an effort to eat the right food and stay active you are, so why not You can lose weight? You may not realize that eat sneaky ingredients Pack a lot of calories, and pack pounds. The discovery of components And that may be working against you, and learn how to eliminate them from Your diet.
Components that sabotage your weight loss Some components may be lurking in your life so-called “diet foods” bad additives Which might cause you to gain weight instead of losing it. vibrant He pointed fun Member State and take advantage of some of the elements that are very sneaky You can sabotage your weight loss. Sugar: All refined white sugar is a serious threat to your diet. According to me American Heart Association, a healthy woman should take in only 9 teaspoons Sugar every day. The current rate for Americans? About 28 Teaspoon a day. Cut sugar from drinks to cut a large part of Sugar from your life. Stop and put it in coffee or tea, and choose instead to water Soda or fruit juice.
Oils: oils turn into fatty acids, and warns VN member Donna L. your body can not The use of unsaturated fat, so you can send it to the liver instead. Over time, these fat Construction and create chances of heart disease and possibly diabetes. Hydrogenated
Can sides oil, and accumulate in the food looked safe. You will find them in Microwave popcorn, coffee creamer, snacks and frozen foods powder, tacos, Among other things. High-fructose corn syrup: I heard all about it, and some sellers want You have to believe it’s good to eat. It is not – not, not even in moderation. these things Go directly to the liver and become fat. High-fructose corn syrup does not Even the production of insulin, which tells the brain that you are full. Even when they do Eat it, you do not even meet the body’s need for nutrition. Avoid this by Avoid ketchup, soft drinks and some diet foods that use corn syrup to taste.
Sal: It may be the most versatile spices in the store, but should be applied only Pinches the food, not pounds. Salt makes you retain water, resulting in To increase in weight. You can give yourself a heart or high blood pressure disease With a lot of salt, so I put down the Shaker now. Avoid canned soups and sauces, And which contain a high content of salt, to cut calories. Tufts University found that adults who drink more sugary drinks, in The study was more prone to obesity. Sugar drinking gives you a little food Do not make the value you feel full. Drink mixes, fruit juices and soft drinks her Even more calories from alcohol. Stick in the water, unsweetened (or sweetened naturally) Tea and milk.
NOT ALL food ingredients Fat is not always linked to the food. The functions of the body as a whole, and anything It could threaten this system violates your ability to burn fat.No unhealthy food ingredients that hinder your weight loss always works.
Stress: If you feel high levels of stress, you will have difficulty in losing weight. stress It produces the hormone cortisol, a hormone that slows your metabolism. In fat burning This reduces the forces literally. Stress also increases food cravings – especially Sugar and fatty foods “comfort” looking for quick relief. Feelings of tension
Thus, it may increase fat retention in the body characteristics, and abdominal fat in particular. Sleep: sleep or not, will hinder weight loss. If you get six hours of sleep, Or less than that, you end up getting more vigilant – snacks and more. I was aware of For long periods, so the hormones that stimulate the appetite becomes more active. And perhaps throw your body to hormonal imbalance.
Sauces: sauces and spices add a lot of calories to eat secretly. to me
It has a low fat, high in calories, but mustard is of course very low if Cal. skip Alfredo sauce carefully and choose the tomato sauce instead. A little olive oil mixed And vinegar together to make your salad dressing instead of his prolific Lettuce with canned varieties.
Intelligent alternative provision A life without sugar and salt is actually a life not worth living. It does not have to stay Get rid of all tastes and spend the rest of his life eating lettuce to stay thin. replace Sugars and all the other bad guys, with smart relays. You can Still get the flavor, only a healthy variety.
“The whole wheat is a must,” he says in VN Maggie De Vore member. Replacing your White rice with brown rice private wheat and white bread, and get rid of this White flour. Switch to something more healthy, such as rice flour or soy flour instead.
The spirit of the researcher, in VN, another member, use honey and stevia to sweeten your Foods.

Should be composed of half your meal of fruit and vegetables, says Runners Scientist. This will help you feel full and give you the basic minerals and nutrients Your body wants. Add fresh herbs and spices to vegetables, instead of Salt to taste without bad elements.
Instead of butter, olive attempt, suggests how to be invalid. I had a little olive oil It adds a lot of flavor – but try to get rid of cooking oil whenever possible. Transformation For cooking spray, which is very low in calories. Switch to skim milk to cut Calories you get from beans, mashed potatoes and other meal items. Gets Get rid of the egg yolk, and the use of eggs, instead, to cut a lot of calories. Easy Empty Milk, yogurt or Greek yogurt makes the switch to provide a good cream. Avoid elements that infiltrate the extra calories in your diet, and make health Options. You’ll see those extra pounds begin to fall, and you will end up feeling A lot better. Read the labels carefully, and pay attention to what you Eat, to control all the ingredients you put in your body …